A Yoga Reading List 

Only some of the books on this recommended reading books are specifically about yoga. Others are books that have touched my life and my heart in a way that further deepens my connection to my self, just as my yoga practice offers me this connection to self. 

Yoga of the Subtle Body.JPG

Yoga of the Subtle Body: A Guide to the Physical & Energetic Anatomy of Yoga

By Tias Little 

My stack of training manuals written by Tias is one testament to the way his voice has impacted my practice and teaching. This beautiful book explores the way yoga, story, and anatomy intersect in the subtle layers of our life and practice. Available at Luma Yoga and Bookshop Santa Cruz

Meditations on a Dew Drop.JPG

Meditations on a Dew Drop: Poems and Teachings on the Flow of Presence 

By Tias Little 

This book has offered me much comfort and insight into the body and mind. Tias' writing is both poetic and insightful into the ways of our world and our life. I often read short passages from this book before class as a way to offer us a view of the beauty of the impermanent and its presence in our mind/heart. 


Yoga Mind, Body, & Spirit: A Return to Wholeness

By Donna Farhi

The way that Donna Farhi writes of the Yamas and Niyamas deeply resonates with me. She offers a wonderful introduction to yoga and its foundations. The descriptions and photos of asanas are clear and helpful for those interested in supporting their practice with props. 


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