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Day-Long Winter Retreat

  • Land of the Medicine Buddha 5800 Prescott Road Soquel, CA, 95073 United States (map)

Update 1/5/19: This retreat is now sold out. Please fill out the registration form to be added to the wait list. Thank you.

Join Dawn for the first of a series of day-long retreats at the Land of the Medicine Buddha in Soquel, CA. This seasonal retreat is designed to offer you the chance to deepen your connection to this practice and our local community.

Longer class times will allow us to practice: asana, pranayama, philosophy, and meditation. A vegetarian lunch will be provided to all students.

The Five Allies

This retreat is a deep dive into the Five Allies of practice.

  1. Foundation (Mula, root)

  2. Central Axis (Sushumna, primary ray of the sun)

  3. Breath (Prana, life-force)

  4. Drishti (gazing point, seeing)

  5. Mudra (seal, containment)


This particular list of allies was introduced to me a few years ago. While not found a list in the source texts of yoga, it draws on historic teachings and practices of yoga to help us support a sustained practice over time.

We will look at how consciously invoking these allies during our asana and meditation practice allows them to blossom and support us with more depth. We will explore the ways these allies are a part of our day-to-day life and relationships off the mat.

Our time together in community also encourages us to look at how we are an ally for others. We will discuss how these teachings help us be an ally for ourselves, our communities, and our earth.



9:30-12:00pm - Morning Practice in the Pine Room

12:30-1:30pm - Lunch

2-4:30pm - Afternoon Practice in the Pine Room


$100 per person on/before January 15th

$125 per person January 16-February 10 (all registrations must be received before Feb 10)

A limited number of work-study scholarships are available. Please email Dawn if you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships.

Payment via Cash or Check is preferred. A new online payment option is now available on my website.

Registration Instructions

Step One: Submit your online tuition payment to Dawn. Please email Dawn if you would like to mail a check. (cash or check is preferred, but online payments are welcome)

Step Two: Complete either the printable registration form or the electronic registration form for each participant registering.

Please Note: You must submit a registration form and payment in full in order to complete your registration. Please contact Dawn with questions or concerns.

Retreat Logistics


The retreat will be hosted at Land of the Medicine Buddha in Soquel, CA. A vegetarian lunch is provided for all students, and all registrations and payments must be received 10 days before the retreat (this allows the Land of the Medicine Buddha to make appropriate arrangements for our arrival).

Please bring your mat and any/all yoga props that you have. Some props are provided, but there are a limited number of straps and blocks. There are no bolsters or blankets available.

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the retreat. Car-pooling is encouraged, and Dawn will help connect you to other students to arrange a ride share.

There is no cell phone or internet service on the grounds. Please turn off all devices before your arrival, and honor yourself and other students by leaving all devices at home or tucked away. If you need to be reached by friends or family in the case of an emergency, please give them the office number for the Land of the Medicine Buddha. (831)462-8383

Agreement with Land of the Medicine Buddha


In order to preserve the sacred energy of the Land of Medicine Buddha, we ask that all visitors to Land of Medicine Buddha join us in observing the following precepts to make your stay as peaceful and enjoyable as possible.

  • Please avoid killing any living being, including mosquitoes.

  • Please avoid taking what is not freely given.

  • Please avoid sexual misconduct.

  • Please avoid deliberately lying to anyone.

  • Please avoid intoxicants such as alcohol and recreational drugs.

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