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Cultivate Fluid Stability in the Shoulders

  • Pacific Edge Climbing Gym 104 Bronson St, #12 Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (map)
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The structure of the shoulders allows us to do many varied movements and activities, but this benefit can also become a disadvantage. The actions we make with the shoulders for work (computer time) and play (climbing, swimming, etc) can leave us feeling imbalanced and in pain. When there is shoulder stress or dysfunction, compression can interfere with the "rivers" of blood, lymph, and nerve pulsations that run through the arms.

In this workshop, we will look at the anatomy of the shoulder and the many "rivers" that flow through the joint. You will explore supported movements that enable you to sense the shoulder and its mechanics. This exploration will give you feedback and information that can allow more ease and flow in the shoulder girdle. In addition, we will explore actions of the shoulder in gravity and weight bearing that explore the strength and stability of the shoulder.

Expect a class that asks you to tune into the subtle connections of the shoulders to the trunk and neck. You may find that you are able to unwind and release patterns of tension and/or holding in the shoulders and find ways to build strength with fluidity.

Perfect for climbers, anyone who looks at a screen, and those who practice yoga regularly. All levels welcome.

If you have an acute shoulder injury, please contact Dawn prior to the workshop so that she might be able to assist you better.

$35 before October 29 / $40 After

Pacific Edge Members Save an Additional $5 off the above price

Call (831) 454-9254 to register