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200 Hr Teacher Training

Embodied Insight Yoga Teacher Training

Beginning August 30, 2019

200 Hour Yoga Training & In Depth Studies

Lead by Dawn Hayes in collaboration with Luma Yoga 

Inquiry and exploration are the roots of this 200-Hour teacher training that explores the multi-faceted practice of yoga. In this training, you will ask what it means to live, practice, and teach from a place of embodied insight.

Home practice is the foundation of your yoga teaching. This course will offer the tools, techniques, and support to refine your home practice. It is this direct experience that you will share with others as a yoga teacher.

Theory will lay the groundwork for guided practice. Guided practice will give you the chance to embody the techniques. Your home practice will lay the foundation for applying theory and practice as you teach to fellow students in the training. This gives you a chance to practice teaching and embody what you are learning with support and feedback.

Group work is an integral part of this training program. By working in small groups you will have the opportunity to learn from one another and see other perspectives. These small groups are your first teaching opportunities and will prepare you to teach group classes and one-on-one sessions.

Yoga history and philosophy lessons will offer a glimpse of how this practice has evolved into its current forms in the United States. Through inquiry and self-reflection, you will be empowered to learn, practice, and teach with intention and awareness of impact.

Guest teachers will offer additional insight and perspective on select aspects of this diverse practice.

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Movement & Posture

You will explore movement through inquiry and investigation. Each person’s unique body will direct the shape and adaptation of the postures and movements in yoga. We will use props to creatively engage and support in ways that build confidence and nourishment.


Flow & Form

A journey into flow and form allows you to tap into the pulses and waves that are fundamental in your body and in the world. This might be a rigorous vinyasa flow practice or a supported exploration of movements on the floor. It may involve holding postures with support or creating traction or engagement in creative ways.



The breath is the thread that connects us to the more intimate and subtle workings of the body. Get to know your “breath-print” and the ways you can consciously shift your breath with attention, awareness, and specific techniques.

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Contemplation & Meditation

Contemplation and meditation are rich resources for the heart-mind. You will be encouraged to explore the practices that nourish and support your mental and emotional resources. Poetry and stories from various traditions will be presented as an inspiration to delve into this contemplative element of the yoga practice.

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Integrated Anatomy

Human anatomy is remarkably unique from person to person and it asks us to build a large toolbox of techniques to help fit the pose to the person (rather than fit the person to the pose). As we explore bone and joint variation, you will be asked to question what your ideas of postural practice are and how you intend to share that with students in a way that honors their needs and experience.



We all find our way to yoga from different places and for different reasons, and by learning about each other we widen our perspective and see the world in new ways. The commitment involved in a teacher training asks us to be vulnerable and try new things. You will have the opportunity to support one another as you individually and collectively expand your comfort zone.


Practice with Nature

Honor the changing seasons of the year and of a lifetime with techniques and practices that complement your changing needs. Find ways to adapt your practice when you lose interest or have conflicting responsibilities. Explore Ayurveda and its basic principles of self-care to nurture your body on and off the mat.


Weekend Immersions

Integrate the teachings during this course over eight, 3-day weekend immersions offered once per month. Time between immersions allows for focused self-study and additional coursework to support your time in the classroom.


What You Will Explore:

  • Asana with an emphasis on approaching practice with responsive compassion

  • Pranayama: techniques for practice and teaching

  • Meditation & contemplation: techniques for practice and teaching

  • Sequencing & class planning

  • Teaching group classes vs individual sessions

  • Use of props in creative and unique ways

  • Hands-on assists

  • Language and word choice

  • Intention, action, & impact

  • Honoring your values

  • Content & context

  • Yoga history and influences

  • Anatomy & the study of movement

  • Ethics and scope of practice

  • Business & marketing

  • An introduction to Ayurveda

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Guest Faculty

Talya Lutzker Ayurveda square.jpg

Talya Lutzker - Ayurveda

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, 500-hour certified Prajna yoga teacher, and the founder of Ayurveda Every Day with Talya - an Ayurvedic lifestyle and nourishment hub.

Since 2001, Talya’s helped women reclaim their radiance through the practice of living Ayurveda – India’s time-tested system of health and nourishment.

Ayurveda treats your whole being, not just your body, with captivating secrets to long-lasting wellness and vitality. Its primary purpose is to teach you how to thrive.

Certified in Ayurveda since 2003, Talya teaches Ayurveda online and is best known for her RAD Cleanse, Ayurveda Starter School, and The Practice of Healing.

She’s a celebrated yoga teacher, cookbook author, massage therapist, and Ayurvedic chef.

Connect with Talya:

Laurie Broderick-Burr - Kinesiology, Anatomy, & Biomechanics

Laurie has been practicing and teaching yoga for 30 years.  As a total body nerd, Laurie considers herself a life-long learner and consistently seeks to deepen her knowledge of human movement. She holds a BA in dance and a MS in Kinesiology with specialties in orthopedic rehabilitation and geriatric exercise science, allowing her to expertly integrate principles of anatomy, biomechanics, motor learning, and a functional approach to movement training into classical asana instruction.

She approaches working with her students and clients in a "whole person" (body, mind, and spirit) strategy, which necessitates an understanding founded both in evidence-based science and experience, sprinkled with humor and understanding. This approach requires a scientific understanding of the various body regions and systems coupled with supporting an individual's thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to ignite change and well being. 

Laurie currently teaches yoga classes, movement essential workshops, and works privately with clients at Yoga Center Santa Cruz and Yoga Within. She taught dance, movement, and yoga at the college level for 30 years.

Connect with Laurie:

Amey Mathews.jpg

Amey Mathews - Sanskrit & Yoga Sutras

Amey's classes are filled with metaphors, stories, humor, and lots of encouragement to feel both safe and challenged.

Amey has studied the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Manorama, Gitte Bechsgaard, and Kausthub Desikachar, and is passionate about the riches that yoga philosophy can bring to our time on the mat, as well as to enhancing our daily lives.

Amey is a great fan of the Iyengar method - and the creativity, versatility, rigor, and playfulness that it affords her as both a practitioner and as a teacher. She has been a devoted student of Kofi Busia since 2000, and has also been studying with Christina Sell for the last 6 years. Amey is one of the owners of Yoga Within in Aptos, CA. 

Connect with Amey:


Weekend immersions are hosted at a private practice space. Classes are from 8:30am-5:30pm.

  • Fri, Aug 30 - Mon, Sept 2

  • Sept 27-29

  • Nov 1-3

  • Dec 6-8

  • Jan 10-12

  • Feb 7-9

  • Mar 6-8

  • Apr 3-5


  • Minimum of 1-2 years of consistent yoga practice prior to beginning the program

  • Letter of recommendation from a current teacher or character reference (see below)

  • Enthusiasm for yoga and the study of its many diverse elements

Commitment to Study

  • Available and willing to attend all the training sessions

  • Commitment to develop a home practice and attend a minimum of 1-2 group classes per week outside of training hours

  • Willing and able to complete all reading, coursework, assignments, and observation hours outside of the training’s scheduled hours

  • Satisfactorily demonstrate your teaching during practice teaching sessions


Application Deadline: August 15th

Tuition (pay in full): total tuition $3,300 ($500 non-refundable deposit. Remaining balance of $2,800 due August 15, 2019.)

*Payment plans available. Please email Dawn to discuss our options.

How to Apply


Step One: Complete the Student Application online before August 15, 2019.


Step Two: Please have the teacher, friend, or family member fill out this Recommendation Form on your behalf. Letters of recommendation are also due on August 15, 2019. (It is helpful to give them a week to complete the form).

If Dawn is one of your current teachers, you may either request a letter of recommendation from another yoga teacher that you study with OR from a character reference (such as a co-worker, family member, friend, etc).


Application Review: After your application and recommendation form have been received, Dawn will review your application and contact you with any questions.


Step Three: Upon acceptance into the program, you will be sent instructions on how to complete your registration process by paying the $500 deposit and arranging your payment schedule. Your spot will be held for three days after your acceptance letter is sent.

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