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Flow, Form, & Restore

This replenishing class strikes a balance of Sthira & Sukham (effort & ease) with slow-paced somatic movements, held static postures, and a deeply nuanced vinyasa flow. Cultivate support, nourishment, and insight with the creative use of props and explore alignment through a variety of lenses. 

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Flow, Form, & Fire

This dynamic class offers a unique combination of somatic movements, vinyasa flow, and prop involved explorations. Stoke heat & fire through strength & mobility and remain engaged with the nuances of activation & refinement. The resistance, traction, support, and feedback of props helps develop embodied insight into your body, movement, and life.






  • 11am-12:15pm Slow Flow (Flow, Form, & Restore) @ Pleasure Point Yoga Starts Nov 9

  • 5:30-6:50pm Flow, Form, & Fire @ Luma Class canceled Nov 23