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Flow, Form, & Restore

This replenishing yoga class strikes a balance of Sthira & Sukham (effort & ease) with slow-paced somatic movements (SATYA), held static postures, and a deeply nuanced flow. You will explore yoga props as a way to offer feedback, support, and nourishment to your body. 

You will begin with supine movements that build into some combination of standing poses, seated postures, supported arm balances, and inversions for all levels. You will frequently use the wall and yoga chairs for support during the practice. Cultivate support, nourishment, and insight with the creative use of props and explore alignment through a variety of lenses. 

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Flow, Form, & Fire

This dynamic class offers a unique combination of somatic movements (SATYA), vinyasa flow, and prop involved explorations. You will begin with a series of supine movements that tend the fires of attention and awareness. The heat will build as you explore surya namaskar (sun salutations) and asanas (postures) with resistance, traction, and glide to challenge your foundation and ask more of your internal strength.

 A full spectrum of standing poses, seated postures, arm balances, and inversions for all levels will allow you to move in a variety of ways. You will use props in a way that removes support and asks you to activate and explore. 





  • 5:30-6:50pm Flow, Form, & Fire @ Luma Korrine Fitz subs July 19


I have been a devoted student of Dawn since 2013. Her yoga classes are the perfect synergy of alignment, meditation and core work. Her thoughtfulness and passion shows through in every class and her adjustments are divine. I feel so lucky to have a teacher like Dawn in Santa Cruz!!
— Deva, Acupuncturist