I teach eight public classes per week at four yoga studios in Santa Cruz. Each center has cultivated a unique look and feel. This leads to amazing and diverse communities that all give thoughtful attention to their students and members.

All these studios provide complimentary yoga props to support your practice. This may include blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters, sand bags, eye pillows, yoga folding chairs, and (at Pacific Edge) the Great Yoga Wall™. If you have a yoga mat, bring it with you. You will be able to borrow or rent a mat if you don't have one.

Pacific Edge Climbing Gym

104 Bronson Street #12
Santa Cruz, CA 95062


  • $15 Drop-in (anyone can drop-in)

  • 10-Class Package $135 (anyone can get a class package)

  • One free yoga class per week for Pacific Edge Climbing Members (with option to add more)

  • Please inquire with the front desk staff about membership plans and pricing

My Classes at Pacific Edge Climbing Gym:

  • Tuesday 7:30-9pm Flow & Form

  • Thursday 7:30-9pm Flow, Form, & Fire

  • Saturday 10:15-11:45am Flow, Form, & Fire



Luma Yoga & Wellness

1010 Center St (Downtown)
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


  • $25 Drop-in

  • New Student Special: 10 Classes in Three Weeks for $39

  • Luma Yoga offers BIG discounts on class packages and memberships. Please call or stop by to discuss (or create) an option that meets your financial needs

My Classes at Luma Yoga:

  • Tuesday 9-10:20am Flow & Form

  • Thursday 9-10:20am Flow, Form, & Fire

  • Friday 5:30-6:20pm Flow, Form, & Fire


Pacific Cultural Center

1307 Seabright Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062


  • New Student Special: 5 classes for $30

  • Drop-in $14

  • 5-Class Package $65

  • 10-Class Package $110

  • One Month Unlimited $95

  • Three Month Unlimited $250

My Class at PCC:

  • Monday 5:45-7:15pm Flow, Form, & Fire

Santa Cruz Yoga

402 Ingalls St, #11
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


  • New Student Special: $30 for 20 Days

  • $18 Drop-in ($15 for one-hour classes & students)

  • 5-Class Package $70

  • 10-Class Package $120

  • 20-Class Package $195

  • One Month Unlimited $95

  • 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year Automatic Monthly Unlimited get big discounts!

  • Yearly Unlimited $1,200 + 20% Off Workshops

My Class at Santa Cruz Yoga:

  • Thursdays 12-1pm Flow, Form, & Fire


Laying a foundation block-by-block

“After my first year practicing I almost gave up on yoga. My body ached all over. Especially my shoulders.  I sometimes took Ibuprofen so I could practice! That first year experience is what I now consider "exercise yoga" with no real instruction. 

Then I had the good fortune to drop into a Dawn's class. That first class was amazing.  Dawn was offering alignment cues that made sense. With block-by-block alignment, a foundation was laid for the peak pose of the day. With correct alignment my inflammation subsided!

Dawn has a gift for seeing where you might need help and offers it in a safe way with a great sense of humor.

I'm a General Contractor and coached competitive sports through the high school level. I can tell when someone is disorganized and making it up as they go and "mailing it in". Dawn offers the antithesis of that approach. Her class flows seamlessly start to finish with a warm-hearted approach and expert instruction. Dawn is always improving her practice and brining it back to our community.”

— Dean