photo: Margo Jones Duvall

Dawn grew up outside Chicago and loves her Midwest roots. She took her first yoga class during college in Ohio and is forever grateful for the stillness and peace it brought her.

After graduation, she moved to Chicago and took her first class at Moksha Yoga Center. Dawn had many roles at Moksha Yoga Center and enjoyed the evolution that came with each change. She began as a student holding a weekly shift at the front desk and after graduating from her first teacher training in 2005, she accepted a full-time position as the Associate Director of Moksha Yoga Center in 2006. Her zeal for broadening her practice had her taking every workshop and teacher training she could, as well as teaching a few weekly classes.

Dawn met her husband Michael McEvoy while at Moksha, and in 2008 they left Chicago to embark on an adventure to see what life had to offer! These travels brought them to Santa Cruz where the ocean, mountains, and farmer's market enticed them to make a home and build a life here.

Natarajasana Lord of the Dance

photo: Margo Jones Duvall

Here in Santa Cruz, Dawn teaches at Divinitree Yoga & Arts Studio, Pacific Edge Climbing Gym, and the Pacific Cultural Center (PCC).

She also manages the Hidden Peak Teahouse. This community tea house offers Santa Cruz a digital-free space to relax alone or with friends over a cup of tea. The simple ritual of pouring tea is a mindful and complimentary practice to yoga, and Dawn is honored to be a part of these intertwined communities.

Dawn works with her husband Michael McEvoy (www.metabolichealing.com) and her community to educate people about wellness, yoga, tea, and nutrition. Each life change and experience offers her a new challenge and a better understanding of herself and the world.


Hanumanasana Splits variation

photo: Margo Jones Duvall

Dawn began to study yoga in 2001 with Richa Eland while attending Ohio University. Richa encouraged Dawn to further her yoga studies and connected her with the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, Pennsylvania for a residential program. Dawn considers the three months she lived there the seed from which her practice and teaching has grown.

Many people have inspired and encouraged Dawn in her path to teach, and she values their guidance and support of her as a student and a teacher. It is this same relationship and attitude that she aspires to provide her students.

As a student of yoga and instruction, Dawn completed her first 200-hour teacher training in 2005 with Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago. This training emphasized teaching skills and gave Dawn the opportunity to participate in workshops featuring teachers from all over the world! She took as many workshops as possible and is grateful for this unique exposure to so many different perspectives early in her teaching.

Learn about Tias & Surya Little and see the Prajna Yoga studio in Santa Fe. www.prajnayoga.net

Dawn was particularly inspired by the teachings of Tias Little www.prajnayoga.net when he taught the anatomy component of her 200-hr training at Moksha in 2005. She continued her studentship with the Prajna Yoga 200hr Teacher Training (Parts 1-6 plus other specialized topics) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dawn has committed to the path of student by participating in workshops and trainings with Tias and his wife Surya whenever possible (Dawn is almost finished with the Prajna Yoga 500hr Certification). She is grateful for Tias' imaginative poetry, clear instruction, and wise insight.

While living in Chicago, Dawn apprenticed weekly at the Yoga Circle with local Iyengar trained teacher Gabriel Halpern. During these two years, she helped students with the therapeutic application of yoga for a variety of ailments, conditions, and injuries. The continuing influence of these two teachers has given Dawn a firm foundation that she incorporates in the classes she teaches and in her own practice.

Dawn began studying with Christina Sell in 2013 and is constantly inspired by the practices, wisdom and insight that Christina shares so generously. Christina's teachings have encouraged Dawn to intensify her tapas (discipline, burning enthusiasm) in self-practice and start a local teacher's practice group. The support and ideas shared with these Santa Cruz (and Monterey) gems nourishes Dawn and her teaching in many ways.

Locally, Dawn practices with Iyengar Teacher Maya Lev at Yoga Center Santa Cruz. Maya's careful eye for details and adjustments has helped Dawn come to deeper and more subtle refinement of her practice and asanas.

Natarajasana Lord of the Dance

photo: Margo Jones Duvall

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